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Welcome to DBS Chemicals contributing to the well being of society by providing quality products & services globally.


Mr. G.V.Utgi the founder member of the organization has
done double graduation & successfully completed Msc (Tech)
by research from UDCT Mumbai in 1963. He had liking for
teaching as well as for development of products.

He was associate lecturer in UDCT for few years. He is proud
for his students being abroad and working at good positions in
reputed companies and few have started their own business.
He still guides his students for their product development.

During his long tenure in service in reputed companies he Formulated & developed many branded Products, one of them a well known Soft Drink “Dukes Mangola” a very famous drink even after 45 years in the Indian Market. Mangola is still the public first choice, especially nutritional minded, even though many other international brands are available in the market.

To have a separate identity of the product, he developed, formulated & manufactured Concentrates & Flavors in their factory premises. After few years he successfully completed a project wherein Design, Erection, Installation etc. was involved for new products. He was given the full charge of the plant and he handled the same independently and successfully. During this period he had gained experience of Administration, Marketing, Labour relations, Production, R&D etc. He has installed more than10 factories in India.

After this he was involved for development of Chemical products in the year 1979, wherein he developed an import substitute Dye Intermediate for the first time in India “PARA AMINO AZO BENZENE” in a laboratory in the year 1979. It took him almost 2 years to start commercial production of PAAB of 99% purity in 1982. This product being an import substitute big reputed companies like Sandoz India Ltd, IDI Ltd, Colorchem Ltd, Atul Ltd, and Vasant Chemicals Ltd used to import this product from Germany & Japan. As our quality & consistency of the product was good all these major companies diverted their requirement for the above Dye Intermediate to our company. Sales started boosting & import of the same got totally eliminated. Merger of two companies Dyes & Fine Chemicals took place due to Market requirements into DBS Chemicals (A new premises was setup for this purpose in 1992).

Mr. G.V.Utgi has designed & developed a Distillation Vessel of 5 KL without Stirrer for Vaccum Distillation, which helps in attaining practically the theoretical vacuum. This helps in improving the quality & color of the product which was obtained for the first time by this technique in India.

As a next development step we decided to work out new processes for manufacturing of Fast Bases avoiding two-step distillation. Using single stage isolated Fast Garnet GB Base instead of two-step distillation. The product qualities were excellent and Tar free. Fast Base was obtained for the first time by this technique in India. At present we are still the largest manufacturers of this product having capacity of 500 TPA with purity of 99% of PAAB. Mr. G.V.Utgi still continues to work with our R&D team for developing many products, few of which are Fast Garnet GB Base, Solvent Dyes Red 23, 24 are commercially manufactured & exported to various countries. We are selling Dyestuffs to Indigenous & export market consistantly for the last 20 years.

We strongly believe in continuous development & improvement in quality of our products and services. Our research team along with well-equipped laboratory setup helps in development and testing of online process parameters, Raw materials and finished products.